Kingsford Grills

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Kingsford Grills

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The Weber One-Touch Silver kettle cookout is faultless given that somebody who needs a well-designed, matter-of-fact barbeque that commis chef conscious nutrient deliciously. Perfect for the reason that gardens barbecues or only thrashing wide awake an evening meal, this impressive picnic has a culinary come about (18-1/2 inches inside diameter) huge plenty to contain six full-size steaks, two times for the reason that millions of burgers, or conscious to a dozen kebabs. And the One-Touch Silver’s classic kettle influence radiates warmth without due consideration along with keeps charcoal flare-ups to a minimum.

The barbeque pioneers at Weber–they’ve been securing grills for the reason that 1951–know how to plot a fish fry that lasts. The One-Touch Silver’s porcelain-coated steel bowl as well as lid are very hard in addition to intended by no means to rust, fade, or peel. The grill’s hardware is of the highest quality. The aluminum vents as well as ash catcher won’t rust, along with the grill’s tripod base, nylon handles, also all-weather wheels combine to variety this Weber both incredibly life-size as well as straightforward to maneuver. Weber’s patented One-Touch cleaning system–a intellectual setup of lever-activated blades–sifts ash out of the kettle in addition to into the grill’s removable meet up with pan. You by no means taste to acquire your work force dirty–and emptying the kettle takes out just a few seconds.

For those inside quest (or need) of gastronomic guidance, Weber includes a 31-page owner’s pilot packed along furthermore cookery instruction also time-tested formulae since grilling all enjoys chicken chops to bratwurst to Cornish hens.

The One-Touch Silver Kettle cuts a clean, usual profile that’s turn into equal along furthermore delicious grilled cuisines furthermore relatives fun. This classic 18-1/2-inch Weber Kettle has been superior plus our exceptional One-Touch Cleaning System. One tug on the lever lower than the bowl sweeps ashes into the removable ash catcher. Porcelain enamel coats the lid along with bowl because time along with existence of rust-proof, chip-resistant service. Fire it up.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #675 Lawn & Patio
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Weber
  • Model: 441001BLK
  • Dimensions: 14.50″ h x 20.25″ w x 20.25″ l, 22.90 pounds


  • The Weber One-Touch kettle fish fry preparations 18-1/2 inches inside diameter
  • The aluminum legs are rust-resistance with withstand an ash catcher tied since your convenience
  • This cookout comes with weather-resistant molded nylon handles
  • The One-Touch cleaning with venting organization allows you to plain the ash inside seconds without realizing your workforce dirty
  • The picnic is planned of black heavy-gauge porcelain-enameled steel lid along with bowl
Kingsford Grills 2

Kingsford Grills 2 Image

Kingsford Grills 2

Kingsford Grills 2 Image

Kingsford Grills 2

Kingsford Grills 2 Image

Kingsford Grills 2

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Kingsford Grills 2

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Kingsford Grills 2

Kingsford Grills 2 Photo


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4Great grill for direct cooking, too small for indirect.
By T. Bux
I love this grill. This is one of my four weber kettle grills I own.

Assembly is a snap. The only tool you’ll need is a hammer to tap the wheel lugs on. In 15 minutes you can be lighting your coal.

The beauty of this grill is the kettle design which maximizes heat retention and allows the grill to act like an oven with the top on. I’ve cooked whole chickens, cabbage, bread, and pizza using this method. The top also has a hook on it so you can hang it from the side of the grill while you add sauce or tend to what you’re cooking.

My only complaint about this is its size. Its great for direct cooking steaks, chops, etc. But to do some more long term smoking of ribs, whole chickens, its a little small because the coals get too close to the sides of the food and some parts might get scorched. If you do a lot of slow, indirect cooked foods, go for the 22 1/2 inch weber kettle grill.

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4Excellent 1st grill
By Big Bear
Unlike most reviewers here who had grill(s) for many years, this Weber 18.5″ One Touch Silver is my first grill. Also, unlike most here, I’m a total newbie when it comes to grilling.

The first impression I have with this Weber grill is how forgiving it is even for a newbie. I think its the rounded design and perhaps choice of materials that makes it so.

I made the mistake of not realising I need to open the bottom vent but the grill still managed to allow me to finish some pretty good steak and pork chops for 2. I only realised it when I’ve done cooking and the coal died down. 🙂

There are also some other newbie mistakes which I made and hope someone else reading this before buying his/her first grill will avoid:

1. Kingsford match lit charcoal. As a high-tech professional, I like innovations and the match lit charcoal sounded liked a great idea until I read its really only charcoal soaked with lighter fluid. It is convenient however but probably not the 1st choice if you’re seroius of grilling.

2. Ash tray. It catches ash alright but any slight wind will blow the ashes all over the place. Try putting some water in the tray or use a deeper one with water. That’ll both extingish the ash and keep them in place.

3. Left over coal. Being a total newbie, I threw some away, not realizing I can leave them in the grill for next time.

In summary:

– Great 1st grill, simple and forgiving

– Better documentation needed, newbies will probably miss the bottom vent like I did

– Ash tray not useful during grilling unless water added or no wind

– Excellent form factor for Town House use, should be useful for decks of apartments too

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5I Love My Weber One-Touch Grill!
By A
I started with the Weber Smokey Joe compact charcoal grill and liked it so much I bought the larger Weber One-Touch (with the 18.5″ wide grilling space). It’s easy to assemble, has a thoughtful and simple ash-removal lever, is durable and provides great tasting food every time! Our grill easily accomodates ample food for 4 people… if you regularly cook for more than 4 (or have really large appetites) then choose from the wide variety of larger sizes. When you buy a Weber grill you’ll get a handy booklet with great recipes. Plus, if you visit Weber’s excellent Web site ( you’ll find additional recipes that are out of this world (the Grilled Pork Tenderloin wrapped in pancetta is mouth-watering delicious!). If you aren’t resticted by condo regulations to gas-grills, then definitely go for the charcoal grill in order to get the superior flavors available only when you cook on charcoal. I liked Weber’s simple directions on how to use the grill so that you’ll maximize flavors, minimize charcoal use and make the most of this incredible grill. Weber grills RULE!

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